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Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast Reduction Procedure Specialist in New Bern, NC

Are you looking to enhance your droopy, out-of-place breasts? Are you looking to add a more youthful appearance back to your chest without invasive surgery? Then visit Aegean Medical, our scarless breast reduction procedure may be for you! Contact us for more information or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 2111 Neuse Blvd Suite J, New Bern, NC 28560.

Breast Reduction Procedure Specialist Near Me in New Bern, NC
Breast Reduction Procedure Specialist Near Me in New Bern, NC

Table of Contents:

What is a non-surgical breast reduction?
Why choose a scarless breast lift?
How is a scarless breast lift performed?
Who is the good candidate for breast reduction procedure?

What is non-surgical breast reduction?

Non-surgical breast reduction is an alternative to the traditional breast reduction surgery that many know of. Non-surgical breast reduction uses liposuction assisted tools to reduce the size of the patient’s breast. The entire treatment takes much less time to perform than traditional methods, as well, it is not as invasive as traditional breast reduction surgery. Finally, patients are also at a lower risk of complications.

Why choose a scarless breast lift?

With traditional methods of a breast lift, the cosmetic surgeon will begin by making an incision from around the nipple and move the underside to the bottom of the breast. This method can leave a scar that many do not wish to notice, as to them it can make the patients uncomfortable or even lose confidence in their body image.

Scarless breast lift provides a lift without any visible scars once healed. It’s been noted, more patients would prefer to have a breast lift with no scars left behind, which is why more are seeking out scarless breast lift over other methods.

Scarless breast lifts can last several years after the procedure is performed, but this procedure is not permanent. Scarless breast lifts do not stop gravity or time, as we age our chest will still continue to lose elasticity and begin to droop over time, which is natural, as our breasts begin to lose their perkiness; however, the scarless breast lift can be performed again due to the less invasive nature of the procedure.

How is a scarless breast lift performed?

With the use of the newest technology on the market, we are able to raise the breasts to a more youthful position without the need for invasive surgery which can often cause the breast to lose its shape, make the skin loose, and cause it to look unnatural. A scarless breast lift will need downtime after the treatment, like most cosmetic treatments, but the downtime is a lot less than that of a traditional breast lift which requires extensive surgery and much longer downtime for recovery.

Utilizing high-quality technology to enhance the breasts, a tiny incision is created and our device is inserted underneath, together we are able to deliver more concentrated energy to the tissues, which carefully liquefies excess fat cells, lifts the breast, tightens the skins layer, and stimulates the natural production of collagen fibers to achieve a more firm, youthful-looking lifted breast.

Your scarless breast lift procedure will be considered an outpatient procedure. Upon arrival and after all medical documentation has been completed, you will be administered an anesthetic to help relax the body, and put you more at ease. Once you can’t feel our tests for pain or feeling, a small incision will be created and the high-end device will be inserted under the breast skin. The energy waves will be delivered to tighten the tissue and remove excess fat. Once completed, we will go over the downtime recovery post-op care. Some patients may notice a bit of bruising and swelling around the breasts, but these symptoms are minimal and may only last a few days. Recovery time is minimal, and you can resume your day-to-day activities within a few days, once you have been cleared by the surgeon.

Who is a good candidate for a breast reduction procedure?

Anyone looking to enhance the appearance of their chest, whether they have droopy breasts or breasts that do not seem to be placed well naturally, may be candidates for a scarless breast lift. Our procedure is a great pick-me-up for mothers post-pregnancy, with weight loss, as well as mothers who may have undergone breastfeeding, or older women looking to enhance the youthfulness of their chest. Our specialists will have a consultation with you to go over everything and determine if a scarless breast lift is the right treatment for you. We serve clients from New Bern NC, Hymans NC, River Bend NC, Brices Creek NC, Fairfield Harbour NC, and Neuse Forest.

Scarless Breast Reductions Before & After