Tumescent liposuction gets its name from using tumescent fluid that is gently injected into the fat. This prepares the fat for easy removal by swelling and firming up the tissue while providing an excellent local anesthesia. Not only does tumescent fluid have antibiotic properties, but it also has small amounts of epinephrine that greatly minimizes any bleeding or bruising in the treated areas.

     During the procedure you can change positions to help facilitate the removal process and maximize your results because you are not unconscious. The tumescent fluid provides all the anesthesia you need for this procedure. In fact, you can actually stand up and view yourself in the mirror before the finishing touches are performed.

     If you are interested in improving your body shape and contour, then this might be the ideal procedure for you. Liposuction is one of the only ways we can selectively and permanently remove fat cells from certain areas of our bodies. With tumescent liposuction, it can be done safely and gently. You also have the option of reusing your fat to enhance other areas of your body for more fullness as desired through a process called lipotransfer.

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