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Vaginal Rejuvenation at Aegean Medical

Vaginal Rejuvenation at Aegean Medical

Vaginal Rejuvenation in New Bern, NC

Want to Regain your Female Self Confidence? Aegean Medical provides the O-Shot for Female Rejuvenation. Call us or Visit Us Online to Book an Appointment today ! We are Located at 2111 Neuse Blvd, Suite J, New Bern, NC 28560. Restore your Sexual Wellness!

Vaginal Rejuvenation in New Bern, NC
Vaginal Rejuvenation in New Bern, NC

Our bodies have a remarkable capacity to heal themselves and we can now harness this ability through advanced medical treatments.  These techniques were initially used in wound healing, dentistry and the treatment of sports injuries, but now have evolved to address aesthetic concerns, sexual wellness/dysfunction, overactive bladder and urinary incontinence. PRP is one of the foremost, effectual natural reasonable treatments for cellular repair AND rejuvenation throughout the body.

Even though speaking about sexuality has become so open and accepted, many women are still reluctant to address these issues with their doctors. Diminished sexual satisfaction for a woman can arise from poor lubrication and discomfort with sexual intercourse. The vaginal canal can be loosened (less sensation) or too tight (distress), and become an obstacle or hazard in achieving an orgasm. Of course, a depressed sex drive, or libido, can also happen, or also develop, alongside the other physical issues. These matters can greatly affect a woman’s self-esteem and become a by-product that results in significant stress between partners.

What Is Female Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Female Erectile Dysfunction includes vaginal engorgement syndrome and clitoral erectile insufficiency syndrome.  These syndromes are caused by decreased arterial circulation in the vagina or clitoris which interferes with normal vascular physiologic processes during sexual activity. (In other words, there is a lack of blood flow to the clitoris or vagina that impairs a woman’s normal or natural sexual response.)

Clinical symptoms may include:

  • Delayed vaginal engorgement
  • Diminished vaginal lubrication
  • Pain or discomfort during intercourse
  • Diminished vaginal sensation or orgasm
  • Diminished clitoral sensation or orgasm

What is the O-shot?

The O-shot is a simple procedure performed right in your doctor’s office to help improve female sexual health and wellness.  Your own platelets are used to improve bloodflow to the clitoral and vaginal tissue in order to revitalize or enhance a woman’s sexual response.

What benefits can I have from the O-Shot?

Some benefits you can experience from obtaining the O-Shot include the following below;

  • Reduced or resolved overactive bladder and/or urinary incontinence
  • Decreased or thoroughly treated pain during sex (known as dyspareunia)
  • Increased ability to have vaginal orgasms
  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
  • A tightened vaginal canal (if felt to be too loose prior)
  • A more limber vaginal canal (if felt to be too tight prior, usually after menopause)
  • Younger, smoother skin externally (lips of the vagina)
  • Stronger and more frequent orgasms
  • Increased vaginal lubrication

How is the O-shot Performed?

The O-shot procedure starts with the application of a numbing cream to the treatment areas.  A routine blood draw procedure is performed. Once your skin is numb, a simple block is performed to the treatment areas to further numb the tissue.  The platelets are then activated and then injected into the treatment areas while they are numb.  Because of the numbing process, the procedure is virtually painless.

Does the O-Shot Procedure Hurt?

Surprisingly NO!  Because of the use of numbing techniques described above, the procedure can be done in a relatively painless fashion.  There may be some minor discomfort, but overall the procedure is tolerated very well. 

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Typically you will get two O-shots about 2-3 months apart.  You may start to notice some effect within 3 weeks of the procedure but full results could take up to 3 months for completion.  Results can last a year or more, and maintenance treatments can be performed on a yearly basis.