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Fat Transfers Gallery at Aegean Medical

Fat Transfers Gallery at Aegean Medical

Fat Transfers Gallery at Aegean Medical in New Bern, NC

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Lipotransfer Breast Enhancement Success

These are the results for a 38 YO mother of four who felt her breasts were left flat and deflated after breastfeeding all four of her children. She reported feeling self-conscious about her breasts not even wanting her husband to see them. She thought about breast augmentation but did not want to put anything plastic or foreign in her body. She sought out Aegean Medical services with Dr. Tellis for a more natural way to restore what she had lost. She underwent two separate lipotransfer procedures around six months apart from her abdomen and thighs to her breasts and was able to go from a size 34 B to a final size of 34 D without anything plastic or artificial placed in her body! She and her husband are very pleased with the results… and she has the added benefit of a flatter tummy and slimmer thighs as a bonus!

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