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Scarless Breast Reduction Specialist

4 Questions to Ask Your Scarless Breast Reduction Specialist in New Bern NC

Scarless breast reduction procedure offered at Aegean Medical provides a better and easier alternative to invasive breast reduction surgery, as it uses liposuction instead and provides little to no downtime after the procedure. Contact us for more information or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 2111 Neuse Blvd Suite J, New Bern, NC 28560.

Scarless Breast Reduction Specialist Near Me in New Bern, NC
Scarless Breast Reduction Specialist Near Me in New Bern, NC

Table of Contents:

What is a scarless breast reduction?
How long does a scarless breast reduction last?
What are the advantages of scarless breast reduction?
Where do I find the best breast reduction specialist in Bern, NC?

What is scarless breast reduction?

Breast reductions have normally always been done with an incision called an anchor incision, this incision is done around each areola, and moves downwards from the areola to the base of the breast. This incision allows for significant skin and tissue removal to dramatically reduce the size of the breast and remove any excess skin that no longer needs to be there due to the reduction in the size of the breast. The downside to the traditional method of breast reduction surgery is this incision then has the potential to not heal properly or for the scar after surgery to not fully go away. Which can make the patient uncomfortable or extremely less confident in their appearance.

While scarless breast reduction treatment uses an alternate method, that many have heard of previously as it is used in other procedures. Liposuction is the main component when it comes to scarless breast reduction, this helps to remove any fat from the breasts, which can decrease the breast size and alleviate some of the weight from the breast. Liposuction during the scarless breast reduction procedure uses small incisions placed in discreet locations around the breast to allow for minimal scarring or no scarring after the liposuction procedure.

How long does a scarless breast reduction last?

Scarless breast reduction lasts several years, but this procedure is not magic, it does not stop time or gravity. As we age, our breasts will still continue aging like the rest of our body, so they will begin to “fall” again, which is the breast naturally dropping slowly, meaning it begins to lose its perkiness.

However, you can get a scarless breast lift again, as they were created to be less invasive than other procedures.

What are the advantages of scarless breast reduction?

There are many advantages to our scarless breast reduction procedure versus other methods or the traditional breast reduction method:

• Scarless breast reduction offers a rapid recovery after the procedure. Our patients are advised to take off a full week from work to recover and rest; however, many of our patients are back to work within three days after their procedure
• Scarless breast reduction provides a more improved breast shape that fits your body
• Scarless breast reduction says it all. There is no scarring after you heal with this procedure, as there are only two tiny scars that are created per breast and they are at the cannula insertion point. Meaning you will never see them
• If you are still breastfeeding your child(ren), you have the ability to continue breastfeeding, as the scarless breast reduction procedure does not deter this
• Scarless breast reduction treatment has the potential to allow better detection when doing mammograms
• Scarless breast reduction does not take away the sensation from your nipples and areola like traditional methods can
• More affordable cost in comparison to traditional methods

Where do I find the best breast reduction specialist in Bern, NC?

A simple google search can result in multiple results of clinics that offer breast reduction procedures in your area. However, one of the top-rated scarless breast reduction clinics located in Bern, NC is Aegean Medical. Our resident doctor, Dr. Angelo Tellis is double board-certified in both pain management and physical medicine and rehabilitation. He graduated summa cum laude, and received specialized training post-graduation on a national and international basis in the emerging field of Regenerative Medicine, with a focus on orthopedic and cosmetic procedures. He provides leading expert medical skills in his specialized field, which makes Aegean Medical a top choice when looking for a top-rated scarless breast reduction clinic.

Aegean Medical is located at 2111 Neuse Blvd, Suite J, New Bern, NC 28560 and is open by appointment only Tues – Fri 9:00am – 6:00pm . We serve patients from New Bern NC, Hymans NC, River Bend NC, Brices Creek NC, Fairfield Harbour NC, and Neuse Forest.